Syntezza Bioscience is focused on providing advanced molecular biology products and sequencing services in Israel where we are a leading supplier. Our staff of experienced molecular biologists keep abreast of the latest techniques so that we can help select optimal product solutions for our customers and aid in the design of custom products. Syntezza serves academic and government research facilities, hospitals and HMO’s, as well as corporate customers in the pharmaceutical, agricultural, environmental, biotechnological and medical diagnostic industries.

Syntezza distributed the full range of DNA and RNA products of IDT- Integrated DNA Technologies, the NGS kits of PerkinElmer, the molecular pathology antibodies and diagnostic kits of GenomeMe, the research reagents of GRiSP, the custom genes and peptides of BioBasic, the molecular diagnostic software of PCR-ai, the cDNA clones and subcloning service of Transomic Technologies, as well as in-house developed research reagents. Sanger DNA sequencing services are provided in exclusive collaboration with Macrogen.

We also offer a full range of NGS sequencing services, providing library preparation, library enrichment and data analysis bioinformatics, while facilitating NGS sequencing through partners around the globe.